Thursday, 28 September 2017

Vinnies Present Rocks to Rebekah

On Friday 29 September, the St. Joseph Vinnies met with Rebekah Joy, Coordinator of Project Butterfly and Kate Russell from the Nelson Weekly to present Rebekah with the rocks they painted for World Infant Loss Day commemorations. This was a great way to finish off our project. The article about the Vinnies involvement in preparations for this up-coming event taking place on October 15 will feature in the Nelson Weekly coming out on Tuesday 3 October. Definitely keep an eye out for this.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Vinnies Re-visit Project Butterfly Gardens to Clean Path and Mosaics

On Wednesday 27 September, the St. Joseph Vinnies returned to the Project Butterfly pathway to do some further cleaning in preparation for World Infant Loss Day commemorations.


Vinnies Complete Rocks

The St. Joseph Vinnies have now completed their painted rocks for World Infant Loss Day commemorations. These little beauties have an inspiring quote written on the back of them from the book 'Hope for the Flowers' by Trina Paulus that the Vinnies had the opportunity of listening to. We hope they will bring inspiration and encouragement to those who find them hidden around the Project Butterfly Gardens on October 15.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Vinnies Under Way with Painting Rocks for World Infant Loss Day Commemorations

The St. Joseph Vinnies are well under way with painting rocks for World Infant Loss Day commemorations coming up in October. These rocks will be hidden around Fairfield Park where the Project Butterfly garden is and members of the community are invited to join in the commemorations by coming to find the rocks which we hope will be either treasured or hidden in other parks around the Nelson community for others to enjoy finding. 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Mosaic Cleaning

On Wednesday 16 August, a couple of the St. Joseph Vinnies went to the Project Butterfly gardens to begin cleaning the mosacis. We were able to do the first half of the path in the time we had and look forward to returning to do the other half of the path sometime in the not too distant future. In liaising with Rebekah Joy about this, she mentioned that a few of the families are no longer in the local area so seeing the mosaics are still being cared for will bring much encouragement to those who the garden holds a special place in their hearts.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

St. Joseph Vinnies Enjoy the Company of a Couple of Special Visitors

   On Wednesday 5 July, the St. Joseph Vinnies enjoyed the company of a couple of special visitors. The first of our visitors was Rachel Yerbury-Wilson who showed us the beautiful silver-print charms and accessories that she creates. These special keepsakes capture forever the fingerprint, hand or footprint of loved ones (including pet paws). The second of our visitors was Dave, the Hospice chaplain who we were able to present with our artwork from the story that he read to us at the end of last term. The artwork will go up on display in the Hospice in a couple of months time for visitors to the Hospice to enjoy. A special thanks to our visitors for giving up their time to come to share with us their knowledge and expertise. 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Vinnies Visit to Project Butterfly Gardens

Vinnies Visit to Project Butterfly Gardens
   On Wednesday 14 June, the St. Joseph Vinnies visited the Project Butterfly Gardens where we met with Rebekah Joy, the lovely lady behind the set up of the memorial path. Rebekah was able to share with us as to how Project Butterfly came about and how the project has evolved along the way touching lives not only in our local community but in other parts of New Zealand where for example in Wellington and Christchurch people have been inspired to set up their own memorial gardens. Rebekah has also received inquiries from other countries such as Australia as to how people can get projects like this underway. From what has started out from a story of personal grief, many lives have been touched - it has been a project that like the beautiful butterflies that are displayed has really taken flight along the way.

   More information can be found out about the Project Butterfly Gardens by going to  HTTPS:// or